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 Portland, Oregon   Photo by Paul Harvath/U.S. Figure Skating  Photo by Paul Harvath/U.S. Figure Skating   Photo by Paul Harvath/U.S. Figure Skating   Photo by Paul Harvath/U.S. Figure Skatingsp;  Photo by Paul Harvath/U.S. Figure Skating 

75th anniversary celebration November 14, 2015. Order tickets now

PISC is celebrating itís 75th year as a member club of US Figure Skating by holding a 75th Celebration of the Portland Ice Skating club.

When: Saturday, November 14th, 2015, in the evening.
What: Dinner and silent auction.
Where: Oaks Park, Portland, Oregon.
Who: Former and Current PISC members, and friends.

See the 75th anniversary page to download an order form. If you are a current PISC members go to http://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/Welcome.aspx?cid=92 to order tickets online via Entryeeze.

Right now we are in the hunting and gathering stage and are trying to locate past members. If you know any of these poeple, please let us know their name and current contact information so that we can start sending out Save the Date information. We are also looking for photographs and news articles that we can scan to make a commemorative DVD and booklet. Please spread the word and keep checking back for more updates and information. Your 75th Anniversary Committee Dody Teachman, Edy Hastings, Diane Rawlinson, Ellen Kotzian, Jennifer Chen, Barb Neidig, Saije Krupp

Send information to: Jennifer Chen: Jennifer@pisc.org and Barb Neidig: barbaragiftbook@comcast.net

New Board of Directors after Spring meeting

Bill Cloran - President
Barbara Neidig - Vice President
Barbara Linn - Secretary
Corona Freitag - Treasurer

Board of Directors
Bill Cloran
Barbara Neidig
Barbara Linn
Corona Freitag
Rick Chao
Marc Gerlack
Emily Hasenauer
Celia Chan
Karen Wu

2015-2016 Membership Renewal

The membership year ends on June 30, 2015. The new membership year starts on July 1, 2015, and runs until June 30, 2016. You must be a current member to test or to participate in a competition. Entryeeze is the perferred method to renew your membership. You can can renew by clicking on the following link: Entryeeze Membership Renewal. You can also download the forms here or on our documents page.

Membership Application Form
Membership Dues
Waiver and Release
Media Release Agreement

New Test Registration Process

Starting with the Jan 11, 2015 test session, the process for registering for US Figure Skating tests has changed. Registration for tests is now through Entryeeze. You can now sign up for any tests offered through a Oregon Skating Council member club at a single website. The website is located at http://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/Welcome.aspx?cid=125, or click on the OSC membership site. Once on the site, click on the Non Members section and then browse for any of the upcoming OSC member club test sessions. The tests are still run by the club test chairs but registration has been consolidated. It will be easier to find out your exact test schedule since schedules will be available at the same website.

2015 Test Schedule

The 2015 Test Schedule can be viewed here. Starting in January, we will use the new process for registering for tests, as described above.

New mailing address for club

The club has changed its mailing address. The new address is 950 Lloyd Center PMB 068, Portland, OR 97232-1262

Test results page now updated

The results page has been updated with test results and gold medalists from 2008-present. Congratulations to all our skaters for their success.

New Feature....PISC Event Calendar

Click on the PISC Calendar menu item on the navigation menu to see the PISC Event Calendar.

Pacific Coast Section Facebook

The Pacific Coast Section now has a Facebook page, as a way to keep in touch. Click here for the Facebook page.

New to website...Pictures..including Skate America

Click here or select the Photos link on the left. Please send your photos for posting on the website to webmaster@pisc.org.



Due to a recent increase in email between club members, PISC has issued the following disclaimer:

The Portland Ice Skating Club does not authorize the use of member e-mail addresses for sale, distribution, advertisement, solicitation, and/or political statements, and specifically prohibits such misuse of Portland Ice Skating Club e-mail lists. Any person in possession of this list that is not authorized by Portland Ice Skating Club Board of Directors to use the list must remove all such e-mail address from any e-mail distribution not specifically authorized by the Portland Ice Skating Club Board of Directors.

The Portland Ice Skating Club e-mail lists may be used only for official Club business. Portland Ice Skating Club disclaims any e-mail not specifically authorized by the Portland Ice Skating Club Board of Directors. Any misuse of the Portland Ice Skating Club Membersí e-mail addresses by a club member may constitute disciplinary actions as stated in the Portland Ice Skating Club Bylaws.